Добре дошли в обновения сайт на Българска Федерация по Колоездене.

Join the Bulgarian Cycling Federation!

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Here are the benefits for you:
The license certifies that the licensed person is familiar with and complies with the rules (regulations and rules) of the International Cycling Union (UCI), the rules (regulations and rules) of the BFC and the anti-doping rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The licence certifies that the rider is aware of the risks of the sport of cycling and the discipline in which he/she is participating.
The licence entitles the holder to participate in competitions both in Bulgaria and abroad.
When a person is licensed to a club, a mutual benefit is obtained for both the licensee and the club. A greater number of persons licensed to a club, gives the club a greater benefit to participate in programs under funded projects by organizations such as the MCA. In addition the licensee can benefit from support from the club such as training methodology from the coaching staff, facilities, physiotherapist, transport and accommodation during competitions etc.