Добре дошли в обновения сайт на Българска Федерация по Колоездене.


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A few minutes ago, the 10th edition of the prestigious cycling race Doltcini Cup 2023, which is traditionally held on two consecutive days in the city of Sofia, ended. Yesterday, the start of the Climbing of Vitosha was held, starting at 3:00 p.m. from the local lane of “Residence Boyana” and finishing in the “Opheliai” area. Among our elite competitors, Nikolay Genov from the “Tsar Tsimeon” team, Plovdiv, took the first place with a final time of 37.52 minutes. After him, Yordan Petrov from the “Hemus-1896” team took the second place and Yordan Andreev, who competes for the team of “Sidi Ali – Unlock Team”.

Спринт на финала КУПА ДОЛЧИНИ 2023
At the Criterium today 09.07.2023 in “Zapaden Park”, Sofia, the prize places were ordered through the discipline “points”. As the rider of the team of “Tsar Simeon” Plovdiv – Nikolay Genov and the rider of “Hemus-1896”, kept the same prize-winning places as from the Ascent of Vitosha, and the third place went to the host team Doltcini Pro Team and was taken by Ventsislav Venkov. The competition was very dynamic and enjoyed a large audience and media interest.

The Doltcini Cup has over the years become the elite cycling event known for its prestige in road cycling, the Doltcini Cup itself is a hugely popular event that has attracted many cycling teams from different countries over the past years. This exciting competition provides a unique opportunity for professional cyclists in Bulgaria to showcase their skills and compete in high intensity road cycling disciplines.

The Doltcini Cup races offer a variety of routes that traverse different terrains and conditions including mountain passes, flats and city streets. Participants in the Doltcini Cup are challenged to develop optimal strategies for dealing with the difficulties of the road, including changing weather conditions and the tactical moves of opponents.

The elite cycling race Doltcini Cup is distinguished by the high level of competition and the presence of team competition. Teams work closely together, plan strategically and provide support to their riders, helping them to reach their full potential and achieve top results. This further enhances the dynamic of the competition and offers spectacular moments of competitiveness and sporting emotion.

The Doltcini Cup road cycling race has attracted the attention of many media and cycling fans for a decade, both on site and on TV or online. Spectators have the opportunity to admire live the skill of the cyclists and join in the emotional atmosphere of the race.

The event not only proves the physical endurance and technical skills of our cyclists, but also highlights the importance of teamwork, strategic thinking and the spirit of sportsmanship. The cycling competition provides an exciting platform to bring together the best cyclists from different countries and make cycling a true national spectacle.